About Us

Independent excellence in education, overcoming the lottery of location & igniting a lifelong love of learning is what the Lab Tots™ Learning System Ltd is all about.

Lab Tots™ was founded in 2015 by Sophia Mitchell, better known as “Proff”!

Although science is at our core, we are firm advocates of multidisciplinary and cross curriculum education. Allowing every individual to find their niche and reach their full potential.

We want every discipline to be represented on the Lab Tots™ Learning System Ltd. Everything is intertwined, and we want to provide a nurturing platform for exploration into that interconnectivity.

A place of community and collaboration, a blended approach to learning where both online studying at your own pace is supported by live physical events. 

Through the Lab Tots™ Learning System Ltd, we aim to bring all the subjects to you in a truly amalgamated way. Allowing you to find the perfect selection of topics and educators to meet your needs. 

We are living our own Lab Tots™ learning journey. If you’d like to join us, we’d love your input!

  • Monthly payments based on courses sold within that time frame.
  • Lab Tots Fees only chargeable once you are earning from the system
  • Lab Tots fees taken at source
  • Clear & transparent financial breakdowns that help to set your course costs & year end financial reporting
  • Benefit from combined, amplified marketing strategies & collaborations
  • Network with like minded Educators
  • Benefit from an ongoing passive revenue stream
  • Benefit from an integrated learning management system & live event booking system
  • Keep adding content to grow your brand & your revenue
  • Feedback into the Lab Tots™ Learning System to help us improve & get the functionality you want

Lab Tots™ at its core offers hands-on, interactive, fun, Science & STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Maths) education to children from 2yrs old.

Lab Tots™ face to face sessions & workshops for nurseries, schools, youth groups, parent & child classes, museums & more. Explore our ‘Live Events’ for more information or ‘Contact us’ directly to create your own bespoke Lab Tots™ event.

Through the creation of the Lab Tots™ Learning System, we are now able to provide multimedia programs to complement & extend our Lab Tots™ face to face outreach programs.

Lab Tots™ on demand, interactive STEAM & Science activities, workshops, resources & training sessions are all designed for children, parents & educators alike. Check out our ‘On Demand Courses’ now!

The Lab Tots™ Learning System wants to go further, & aims to revolutionise education. We recognise the importance of ALL subjects, disciplines & the interconnectivity of the world around us (although Science & STEAM is at our core!).

Lab Tots™ wants to provide an open, inclusive platform that collaborates with, & showcases other phenomenal, captivating, inspirational educators from across the globe. We want to shed light on Fab-Lab-U-Lously fascinating topics that will captivate & can be accessed by all.

If you’re a Fab-Lab-U-Lous Educator & want to join the Lab Tots™ Learning revolution, register for an Educators account ‘Here’.

Together, let's Ignite a lifelong love of learning & show how Lab-Tot-Tastic learning can be!

Our Mission

To Ignite a lifelong love of learning. To be the catalyst that inspires every child to reach their true & full potential. To guide you through your individual learning odyssey. To open up a world of curiosity, learning & fun, to create meaningful experiences for everyone! To spark a learning journey that will last a lifetime.

To bring together Fab-Lab-U-Lous Educators & Lab-Tot-Tastic Learners from across the globe. Every learner deserves access to the best educators & blended learning solutions to meet their individual needs.

To provide today’s children & educators with the skills to thrive in tomorrow's world.

Together, let's see how Lab-Tot-Tastic learning can be!

Our Vision

To be more than an E-learning system, more than a Booking System, more than a directory, more than the curriculum, more than a list of subjects and topics!

To create an evolutionary educational platform to bring together specialists from across all subject areas. To create a truly cross-curriculum, multidisciplinary platform, focusing on the learners stage, not age.

To constantly evolve & improve throughout our own progressive learning journey.

To provide exceptional, meaningful, exciting, interactive, fun, engaging educational experiences, not just ‘tick the box’ activities or statutory testing.

Meet our Founder

Sophia Mitchell (MSci)

Sophia Mitchell, or more affectionately known as “Proff”. I’m a Mum, Scientist, Creative Entrepreneur, Owner & Founder of Lab Tots™ & The Lab Tots™ Learning System.

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Read what others are saying about their Lab Tots™ experience…

Lab Tots™ Testimonials

We really value & care about what our users think about Lab Tots™ sessions & the Lab Tots™ Learning System. We are so proud & humbled to share some of our testimonials with you here. We’d love to hear what you think too, so please submit your feedback & help us to keep being Fab-Lab-U-Lously Lab-Tot-Tastic!

Inspirational, engaging, awe-inspiring learning about science for pre-school children.

P. Hutton

Proff is absolutely amazing! Her sessions cover ALL areas of the EYFS curriculum! She is engaging and fun, the children had the BEST time all the while learning SO much! I could not believe how much learning happened in 1 hour! I highly recommend Lab Tots!

Ms. Wallis

We just had the most fabulous science party for my daughter's 6th birthday. We made edible fairy potions, UV unicorn poo, learned about the rainbow, butterflies and colour. Prof was engaging, inspiring, age appropriate and entertaining. Thank you SO much! xx

Caz Scott

I LOVE Proff and Lab Tots lessons! Science class is soooo cool and I look forward to every class. We've been engineers this term and made catapults. Shooting snowballs was my favourite!!!

Izzy (aged 5)

I always read Lab Tots report cards with interest and they’re so helpful for facilitating discussion about what my child has learned from the sessions.

Mrs Sheringham (Parent)