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Do you want to build a snowman? Bringing STEAM to life with our Cloud Dough Lesson!

We will be following an algorithm to make cloud dough, encountering various problems to debug along the way and then finally, unleashing our creativity to create cloud dough snowmen, or indeed cloud dough 'anything you fancy'!

Science & STEM Essential Skills to Thrive Numeracy & Maths Literacy Multidisciplinary Beginner Level - Child

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Bringing STEAM to life with our Cloud Dough Lesson! 

We will be following an algorithm to make cloud dough, encountering various problems to debug along the way and then finally, unleashing our creativity to create cloud dough snowmen, or indeed cloud dough 'anything you fancy'!

Why Choose Our Cloud Dough Lesson?

Messy play but smart learning: Cloud dough brings messy play to a whole new level. It's not just about fun; it's about hands-on learning, cognitive development and an opportunity to unleash your creative side.

Follow-along Algorithm: Learn about algorithms without screens! Kids will learn the basics of sequencing and problem-solving while creating their own cloud dough.

Failing Forward: We celebrate mistakes! Learning to debug and improve is a crucial life skill. Our lesson fosters a positive attitude towards challenges and mistakes.  You'll see us make plenty and laugh about them too, check out our Error Investigators section!

Fun first: Our lesson is tailored for young (and young at heart) minds. Embrace the joy of learning.

Welcome to hands-on learning and endless fun! Our Cloud Dough Lesson is the perfect blend of creativity, education, and entertainment for kids (and big kids).

What's Included?:

  • Video showing us making cloud dough and then cloud dough snowmen

  • Step-by-step PDF

  • Bonus material

What next?:

  1. Receive your Step-by-Step PDF.

  2. Source your ingredients

  3. Prep your work area

  4. Join in and have FUN!

  5. Take some pictures and send them to us! 

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Error Investigators

1 Lessons • 30m total length

No!!! All of the things we will be using today will either already be in your home, or can be found in your local supermarket.

We'd be lying if there was going to be no mess, however all materials are washable. Cornflour can be easily vacuumed up and hair conditioner can be wiped with a cloth.  

We suggest using a mat or wipeable mat but this is not essential.

You may want to use an apron or wear old clothes.


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Hannah @ Unplugged Tots

Hannah @ Unplugged Tots

A fair few years ago now, my husband (who works in technology) had purchased a Raspberry Pi. A Raspberry Pi is a credit card sized computer which has made technology accessible to all. The Raspberry Pi Foundation is seeking to equip our future generations with the toolkit and skills necessary to be tomorrow’s technologists. Because of this he was bugging me for ages to head to one of these events hosted by Raspberry Pi. These events were designed for families to celebrate all the technological accomplishments of the Raspberry Pi community. Consequently, with nothing better to do on 30th June 2018 my husband, our two daughters and I went to Cambridge Junction to attend Raspberry Fields. To emphasise: I did not know how much this event would change my life. Once we’d entered the Festival (which was very well organised) we saw so many interesting things which caught the attentions of our daughters. Basically, they were transfixed - as was I. It was at this point that I knew I had to somehow harness this enthusiasm of theirs and continue their journey into technology long after the Raspberry Pi Festival. I left feeling inspired. As soon as I returned home, I spoke to a friend, Dr Val Critten, about what I’d seen and how my daughters reacted, also, she just so happens to have a doctorate in Education. Combining her theoretical ideas with my practical applications and ideas on ‘how’ we could teach young children to code, we started to formulate some plans. I specifically didn’t want screens. For three reasons, the first was that laptops or tablets were an extra resource to pay for, insure, store. Secondly, and perhaps more importantly, I was conscious of the effects of screen time on children and wanted to explore alternative methods to introduce the foundations of coding to children. And thirdly, when screens are introduced, there’s an expectation that the children will instinctively know what to do, there may be things to read which precludes many preschool age children. Therefore, I wanted to strip everything right back, get ‘back to basics’ and think about what a child of this age likes to do…play. To summarise, we decided to see if children (specifically 2 to 4-year olds) were able to learn to code through structured play. So, we spent a summer holiday running a group consisting of four girls introducing them to the foundations we feel are required to learn coding. We didn’t even look at a computer screen! It was classed as a pilot as we just weren’t sure how the girls would react to our ideas but the most compelling evidence to our success was they kept asking when the next session was going to be! In the same way our pilot group was successful, the local nursery heard about our sessions from the girls in the pilot group. Thus, we were invited to do some 6 week long sessions at the nursery to teach some of the children there. This was again very successful because the children were able to complete structured play tasks associated with coding (and have fun at the same time!) All in all, it seemed parents and nursery staff were interested in equipping children with the tools required for the digital future.

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